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Seeking couple of kids' periodical items

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First: I'm looking for a series title and information on a line of kids' wall calendars I remember from the 1970s; publisher MAY have been Rand McNally or Random House, at least I keep thinking it began with R. It was heavily illustrated (as many as 20+ items per monthly spread) with trivia and wordplay items pertaining to the month in question, often point/counterpoint style (e. g., if the left side of the top page in a February spread had a picture of and quote from George Washington, an Abraham Lincoln item done in the same style might appear facing it on the right).
Second: Does anyone have ideas on finding a reprint of the short story "Flying Right" by Diane Neufeldt, originally published in the Sunday school paper R-A-D-A-R on January 22, 1995 and illustrated with a picture by Richard Wahl? (Unfortunately, neither seems to have a website now as an author or illustrator, or any other online presence to distinguish them from others of the same name.)
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Have found answer to question #2. Thanks!
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