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As part of the BlueBoards housecleaning in preparation for the merger with SCBWI, I went through the previous “Online Magazines” thread, consolidating information, deleting outdated items, updating links, etc. The useful information is now below.  A huge thanks goes to Talia Haven for all her many, many posts sharing markets with us!!  Thanks also goes to Dani Duck for her updates about a year ago.

Some of Talia’s posts were sharing anthology market opportunities. Those have now been moved to a post in the Agents/Markets section of the board since they didn’t really concern magazines and hopefully more people will see them there. Thanks again, Talia.

If any of you spot mistakes in this list below, please let us know. x = non-paying; $=paying.

Current Online Magazine Markets

13magazine  x

Alfie Dog Fiction Pays royalties

Anansesem  x

Bumples:  x

Frostfire   $

Go!  x

Guardian Angel Kids  $

Hidden Animals   x  Accepts YA.  Currently closed to submissions.

Hogglepot  x

Imagination Cafe  x

Into the Willows  x  Accepts YA

The Kid’s Imagination Train  $

My Light Magazine  Has been on hiatus; plans to relaunch with a new site later this month.  x  (Gives bio and links to your website)

One Teen Story  $

Pantheon Magazine  $  Accepts YA

Rainbow Rumpus & Rainbow Riot  $

Read Fiction  $

Science Fantasy Magazine  x  Accepts YA

Spaceports and Spidersilk  $

Spark  $ Accepts teen-YA

Spellbound  $

Story Shack   x

Sucker Literary Magazine $

Suddlenly Lost in Words $

Swords & Saga Press x

T/OUR Literary Magazine   x  Accepts YA. Currently closed to submissions.

Underneath the Juniper Tree  x

Unsettling Wonder  $  Currently closed to submissions.

Visibility Fiction x

Wily Writers  $ Accepts YA

Yarn  x

Young Bucks Outdoors  $

Youth Imagination Magazine  $

Online Book Publishing and Misc

Babbooks  x

Bedtime Story   x

Magic Keys Books  x
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The Following Are No Longer Markets

Berry Blue Haiku  - -broken link
Broom Stick Books - - closed
Irish Story Playhouse -
His Stories -  - broken link
Kids'magination  Closed
Kidz Wonder  - - Can not find this site.
Knowonder -  Closed except for chapter bks
Imagine Literary Magazine -  closed
Moo Cow Fan Club  - - Magazine no longer in Print.
Mouse Prose - -  Link broken.
The Scarald -  - Link broken
Shiny Mag - - No longer published.
Silver Blade - No longer accepts children's submissions.
Stories for Children Magazine - closed
Stories that Lift - Not accepting submissions at this time.
Story Something - Shut down?
Story Station - Link broken
Welcome to Wherever:  - broken link

#2 - July 07, 2013, 10:50 AM

Accepts YA and Teens, paying magazine,
#3 - July 20, 2013, 10:07 AM
Ten Busy Brownies, Keith Publications Nov, 2013
Mama Cried
A'dab's Gift
The Hanging of Cousin Charlotte

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Thanks for the update, Ev and Talia! Looks like lots of them have gone away:-(
#4 - July 23, 2013, 05:23 PM


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