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A sense of something missing during script writing?

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I'm not sure on my writing. I mean, that could be because I feel as though I'm forcing it out but, at the same time, you have to follow the rules of script writing. And I just feel as though a lot is missing even though it isn't. You know I can't say 'she runs for two minutes' or 'she runs through a maze of corridors', really. I don't think. :/

I can't think of how to phrase it but is this making sense? So it doesn't feel complete, does that make sense? Am I rambling? I'm struggling to explain what I mean. Is this normal for a first draft or is it just bad writing?
I'm used to writing stories and that's a lot different...
#1 - July 27, 2013, 10:38 AM

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Shifting to screenwriting is not easy when you're used to writing stories! There is a learning curve, that's for sure, when you're working to get down the specifics of formatting a screenplay and the lack of prose. I would absolutely follow the advice you've already gotten here, bookworm, and drop whatever your doing that's frustrating you and curl up with a stack of quality scripts. I promise, it will give you a better sense of the groove and flow you feel :goodluck is missing. When I hit the proverbial wall, and am struggling to make something work, that's what I do and it always works!
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This is a link to a thread on Done Deal Pro that asks your exact question.

Scroll down until you get to reply number 7, from someone named ATB -- his example is stellar.

In other words, try to write action sequences like you are in the moment, and in the mind of that character. It gives it life, you want it to jump off the page.

Done Deal may be a good resource for your concerns, since they are screenwriters there. And again, read scripts -- look how other writers have done it. If you feel yourself compelled to turn pages, look at how that writer writes action, how they keep you in the moment and make things immediate. Scripts have to move.

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#3 - July 27, 2013, 01:08 PM
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Read some scripts. Read many scripts. It's a different flow than a book. Different rules. That's the best education in screenwriting you're going to get.
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Just wanted to thank CC and jenklein for always posting and being so helpful over here on the Script Writers board. My sincerest  :thankyou:grouphug2:
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