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SCBWI Illustrators have an extended deadline for Bologna

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SCBWI members receive an extended deadline to send their application packet to be considered for the prestigious Bologna Illustrators' Exhibition at the 2014 Bologna Book Fair. While all other entrants face a 4 October 2013 deadline, the deadline for SCBWI members application to ARRIVE at the illustrators exhibition at the fair office is 30 November 2013. 
For general information about how to take part in the illustrators' exhibit:
For application form and rules:
To be eligible for the extended deadline, the illustrator must be a current SCBWI member and write "SCBWI member" on the outside of the application packet. To join SCBWI or to confirm your membership visit
To learn about SCBWI events in 2014 and connected with other SCBWI members attending the fair in 2014, join SCBWI Bologna Connections on FB
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You made my day! Your an Angel Thank for the information! :yeah :goldstar
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