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verifying interview sources

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If a journalist is interviewing someone famous - someone so incredibly famous that it's possible some nut might try to impersonate them - and they're doing it by phone, how do they verify that they are really interviewing the real person? Assume no one would be able to recognize their voice, and the famous person doesn't want to be interviewed in person.
For plot reasons, I have someone famous (but typically, up until this point, somewhat reclusive) in my story contacting the press on their own, without any of their publicity/legal people knowing about it. (So the legal people aren't involved and cannot do the verification.) How would journalists verify the source? Is there some information the person could give them? Could the journalists trace the phone? Some other way?
Thanks! :)
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I don't know how this would be done normally, but nowadays we have video chat capability, so ... why not have them interact that way, unless it ruins other aspects of your story?
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