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Beneath the Ink: app-less enhancement platform for ebooks in BETA

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Now this is awesome.  :yeah

Beneath the Ink is an app-less enhancement platform for ebooks described as the “happy medium between text-under-glass ebooks and a multi-media frenzy.”

What’s really exciting about this start-up is they are placing the power to create immersive content firmly in the author’s hand and bridging the gap between reader and creator.

From the interview with CEO Sherisse Hawkins on Digital Book World:

The Beneath the Ink author portal supports any content you require – images, prose, commentaries, maps, and even audio or video files. Our service is accessible by any author, and the process is incredibly fast and simple. The most important distinction is that readers have a CHOICE on when (or if) to access the additional material. It’s simply tucked beneath the ink waiting for them, and does not require the reader ever leave the page or be connected to wifi.


More importantly, they're helping author's out with the legal issues:

One of the major pain points for authors who want to add rich media content to their books is going through the legal processes to obtain rights for that content. Beneath The Ink is seamlessly integrating our author portal with partner APIs, and taking care of all the legal fluff. So authors will have a worry-free one-stop-shop for all of their adjacent content needs.

Read the entire interview here,
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