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Can you hire an illustrator for royalties as a self-publisher?

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ancient amber

I have yet to find my direction in the world of self-publishing. I will admit I have a lot of questions and may not be as educated in knowing the way things are done, especially when it comes to working with an illustrator as a self-published author. Although, I'm considering illustrating my own titles to save me the trouble and the confusion of working with another person "the correct and fair way", I would still like to explore this option and learn a little about what it takes.

First, can some one explain to me if you can hire an illustrator on the idea of them earning through royalty?

Also, I'd like to learn more about illustrators who have worked for self-published authors? What was the experience like? No need to mention names or book titles, just what you have learned in these experiences.

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ancient amber

Thank you Marissa! I will read the pamphlet. I still hope to hear more about people's personal experiences in self-publishing with an illustrator and if anyone has ever attempted to work as an illustrator for royalties?
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Amber, I have a number of blog articles and FAQs answering your questions on my web site.

I won't create art for any publisher - traditional or self-publishing for royalties only. I've been badly burned and would rather not repeat that experience. I do know artists who have taken the jobs I've turned down to work royalty only, so it is possible.

If you do decide to illustrate your own book, I highly recommend using something besides an iPad to create the final art as I've been told the iPad doesn't hold a high enough resolution for print reproduction. There are quite a number of things a picture book illustrator needs to know that are specific to picture book illustration. I would recommend against illustrating your own book before you've studied what they are.
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