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how to size it?

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When e-mailing an illustration as an attached jpeg, how do I control the dimensions of the image when received by the client?The client wants a 5 x 5 inch drawing, but how do I ensure that those dimensions remain constant when I e-mail the finished illustration? Is it better to scan the original and send, or to digitally photograph the original and then send? I'm not using digital media to make the illustration (photoshop, illustrator, etc...) Your suggestions appreciated!
#1 - November 15, 2013, 11:31 AM

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Do you have a photo-editor? Or Photoshop? After scanning you should be able to re-size the document. Some scanners also allow you to scan to a target size. If the illustration was drawn/painted to a size of 5x5 you should be able to scan at original size. I would definitely scan rather photograph, if possible. Unless you are a professional photographer, I think it's tricky to do well.
#2 - November 15, 2013, 11:40 AM
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Hi Julie. What Artemesia said about scanning is correct. I've found when I try taking photos, there are issues with shadows or too much light. Scanning is preferred. However, a scan still washes out your original colors. For minimal use, a Photoshop subscription may exceed what someone wants it for,  like sizing, re-saturating and bringing back the original vibrancy, PS Elements may be a good option. It's priced around $70.00 usually and can be purchased online or sometimes at Costco.
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