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Hello there!

There's nothing like a gentle prodding from fellow writers to WRITE!

Want to get a kick in the pants to keep your writing moving along? I would love to gather together other kidlit folks for an informal Twitter-based kick-in-the-pants accountability "club." I'm grateful for my great crit group and crit partners, with whom I confer with on monthly or longer-term basis. HOWEVER, I would love to be able to check in and be held accountable by other writing folks on a daily or weekly basis. And I'm more than happy to dish the same. I'm thinking something along the lines of everyone publicly stating a writing goal and then others checking in and prodding to make sure that goal is met! :jump:

Right now I'm mid-revision through an MG fantasy and am stepping out from writing to rebuild the last third and world build a little more. I'm also drafting PBs -- I finished PiBoIdMo and can't believe *all* the ideas generated are terrible ;)

I'm thinking Twitter because it's equal parts writing community *and* procrastination tool. And it's, yanno, a public way of keeping honest about writing goals :)

Anyone interested? I'm ATbgaff. Was thinking the hashtag #kidlitgoals could work, as it doesn't seem to have been used for anything else.
#1 - January 07, 2014, 01:01 PM
Twitter: @bgaff


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