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Promotional postcard question

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Hi everyone, this year I will go to Bologna children's book fair.I will take business card and also some postcards.
So this is my question,hoping that you can help me: Do the business card and the postcard an have the same illustration on? And is it ok if I don't write nothing on the back of it?
#1 - January 22, 2014, 06:09 AM

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Hi Monica. I just did a Google search for Children's Illustrator Postcards and here is the link. (I hope it works):
Heather also posted the interview  a couple of threads down and the illustrator explains her postcards.

My postcards always have my name on the front image in an unobtrusive spot. The back lists my name and the title of writer/illustrator as well as my website, blog, email and phone number. I usually put a small spot illustration on the left side of the back as well. It's been in color and black and white, depending on my preference at the time. Sometimes, I list my site and blog addresses on the front as well.

When I'm at conferences, I like to take some  promotional postcards home to see how others put theirs together. For the most part, illustrators use the front of their postcards for their select image, their name and title with all the contact information on the back. Some also have the Facebook and Twitter handles printed on them. I found one that had a QRC code for scanning that takes people to their site. (Pretty High Tech)! :typing
For business cards, it's pretty much the same format. The space is much smaller so selecting one simple impacting image or spot illustration helps leave room for your name and title.

While you're there, it might be fun to check out other illustrator's postcards.
Hope you have wonderful journeys and come back with great things to say!
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Thank you Cynthia :) I did the same research but thanks for using(Hope is the right word in english) your time for looking for me the link. And thanks for giving me advices about postcards :)
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I have a number of business cards all with different images, the same with postcards. It's as if I have a mini traveling portfolio. I let people take their favorite image or two.

On the front of my postcards I put my name and web site. On the back I repeat my name and web site, plus add my phone number, email, twitter and facebook accounts. I also have the CRV code that a person with an iPhone can scan and bring up my web site.

 When I have a new card printed for a mailing I always get a bit ore than I need for my mailing list. That way when I go to a live event (like Bologna) I have a variety of postcards already in hand.
#4 - January 23, 2014, 05:25 AM
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Thank you for the advice Wendy:)
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