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Can it overlap?

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Is it episodic, where each chapter is its own story (seven point structure) that focuses on one plot aspect? I'm currently at 17.3K at the moment. And while I sort of lost the episodic format around chapter seven, up to that point I found myself having sort of mini-episodes that tied into the larger arc later.

Is there a better way to have an episodic work, while giving a very rough sense of a possible larger arc? This wasn't so much of an issue with my YA Techno Mystery, but it's become a bit of a problem with this pre-industrial revolution sort of fantasy. I feel a little bit out of my element.:/

The bright side is I found it a fairly efficient method to go from 1K to 4.5K.
#1 - February 10, 2014, 12:10 PM
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