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Doing illustrator talks and workshops

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First time here, but I'd really like to ask what other illustrators talk about when they speak in front of elementary schools. I'm planning on talking for about a half hour about how an illustrator sees their world, with more details etc. what specifically makes a bad guy look like a bad guy, or a good guy look like a good guy, and how to use several techniques to make drawing more accurate. Then I was going to have a hands on workshop for about a half hour walking through a drawing. How do others tackle this age group?
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Kids love to create. I show them samples of how I create a PB. I also have them all illustrate a scene from a popular fairy tale so they have abetter understanding of what an illustrators job is. For upper grades, we make an actual book. For lower grades I do story time. Visit my web site to see my program descriptions.
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I just came back from several days of talking to Kindergarteners up through Grade One. What I did: (1) Did a reading of the book (used slides of the illustrations to make it easier for kids to see, for the larger groups) and involved the kids, (2) talk about the process of creating a picture book (15-20 min), recruited slides from the author so I can also talk about the writing part as well, (3) Q&A (4) Interactive drawing demo. I do 30-45 min presentations, max 30 for kindergarteners. I also play it by ear during the presentation, seeing how the kids are reacting. Good luck!

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