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2015 ASK Themes

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ASK has announced its first three themes for 2015 with more to follow.

2015 Issue Themes
Ssshh! Don't tell the kids!

January Catching Fire
What is fire? Who discovered it? And how has it changed us?
Possible stories: The �Explain Flame� Challenge, judged by kids; first fire-users; why cook?; faking fire in film; fighting fires (but not too scary)
Pitches by: 5/15/14
February Between the Tides
Exploring the soggy world of shorelines and tidepools, between land and water.
Possible stories: Vernal pools; profile of a shore ecosystem; making beaches; wetlands; riverbanks; animals that live wet and dry
Pitches by: 6/1/14
March Other Earths
Are there other habitable planets out there?
Possible stories: Exoplanet hunting, Kepler telescope and beyond; what do we mean by �life�? What might life on an alien world look like? And could we ever get there? What about moons like Europa or Enceladus?
Pitches by: 7/1/14

Happy pitching!


#1 - April 25, 2014, 04:24 PM
Kirsten W. Larson
WOOD, WIRE, WINGS (Calkins Creek, 2020)
A TRUE WONDER (Clarion, 2021)
THE FIRE OF STARS (Chronicle, 2021)


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