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Cotillions and debutante balls

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I'm finishing up a contemporary YA set in New Orleans high society. I've pored over online newspaper accounts and photos of debutante and cotillion events. I've even emailed the city newspaper staff writer who covers social events to ask this question, but no luck so far: I know that kids who go through cotillion learn ballroom dances. At a debutante ball, do they dance only ballroom dances or is there regular dancing too? And for the ballroom dances, is it the six standard ballroom dances or just set ones, like the waltz? Anyone know?
#1 - May 16, 2014, 01:13 PM

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I don't know about the dances, but I know choosing the dress is a big thing. There are all kinds of rules that must be met, including the circumference of the skirt. Then a picture of the dress has to be sent to a "dress czar" to be approved or you can't wear it. With all these rules, there must be some sort of a website or organization you could contact that could give you more information. Debutante Balls had fallen out of favor for a while, but they are back.
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Here's the website for the National League of Junior Cotillions. Maybe it will help ya!
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