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How to hire an Illustrator

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To the community:

I am a new author working on my first childrens book and have identified an illustrator I really like.

We are having preliminary discussions at the moment -- what are the questions I should be asking him in the early dialogue phase -- please add additional thoughts - specifically if this is the first children's book he is illustrating.  I have a seasoned editor (children's books), but would like to get an illustrators perspective on what I should be looking for when hiring an illustrator

The questions I have for him are:
? how many books have you illustrated
* what is your work schedule and timeline
* what particular medium do you like to use
* ...what other questions should I be asking?

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I assume you're self-publishing?

You'll need to address licensing issues and how payment will be dealt with. For instance, will he receive a flat rate or a portion of the royalties?

Hope that helps!

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Also check out these threads here on the Illustration board:

The second link is questions an illustrator might want to ask a potential client, but I think it's also good for the potential client to know what will be important info for the illustrator ahead of time.
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