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I'm not sure how many other people on the list read Seth Godin's blog, but I read it on RSS because so many posts offer encouragement for creative people.  One from the last couple of days,, really resonated with me.  Also, from earlier this summer,


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My wife loves Seth. I get frustrated by him. He takes a factoid and ignores the bits he doesn't like to make a new truth.

I won't bother with the examples that frustrated me the most, but even the second link there is funny.

Commodore 'PET' computers always listed memory because they were originally 4K and jumping up to 64K was a big deal (as was the commercial availability). The biggest deal was the fact that the memory was so large (for the limited programming capabilities) that no one ever got to 64K unless they purposefully wasted memory. And later you could add another 64K to make it 128K anyway. So the machine was actually made (initially) to remove any sense of limit.

Programming was so easy on those devices a kid could make a retail quality game in a month by themselves. Of course graphics were limited to dots. lines, rectangles, triangles and brackets.
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Interesting posts that make you think. The first one is definitely one to think about as a writer. Thanks for sharing.

(Fixed the second link.)
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