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Dummy Book with a Query

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I am putting together my first author/illustrator query for an agent.  He requested a query letter, manuscript and dummy book. When I make a dummy old school I add the copyright and title/half title pages.  Do I do that for a PDF query version?  Do I add a cover?  Right now I have 14 spreads (28 pages) in a finished rough quality.  I was told unpublished illustrators need to be more thorough than tested artists.  How thorough need I be?   After all a dummy is an example not a finished work.  I don't want to over do it but I don't want to make a bad first impression. Advice please.
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A sample cover is helpful, but not required. Aside from tight pencils, you should include 2 samples of finished color art. For title and other front matter I just put a little place holder ie. (Title Page); (Copyright page) etc on an otherwise blank page.

I also include a complete doc file of the text of the story. Or if their sub guides say to, I paste it in the email.

Good luck.
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 :werd what Wendy said.
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