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How to word a query for Art Rep AND novel rep?

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I'm preparing to query as an illustrator (had queried as just an author before), but I want to mention I write YA and the occasional picture book. How do I go about crafting a query letter like that? I've seen countless query examples for authors or author/illustrators of PB (one project at a time). I haven't seen any examples of an illustrator looking for career rep from an agent who reps both (this would be a lit agent who reps illustrators). What would I include in a query for art rep, mentioning my writing? For example: "I'm an illustrator with an MFA in Illustration from the Savannah College of Art and Design. I have a delicate, dark fantasy ink style and also write atmospheric YA fantasy." I would have a link to my portfolio and offer to send writing samples if requested.

Thanks! I appreciate any advice or examples you can give me.
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It's my understanding that most children's agents who represent picture books will represent both artists and writers, including YA. I believe it's generally considered best practice to query with one project (or, in your case, portfolio). You can mention that you do other things, but keep the focus on what you are leading with. I would also simply say "I also write YA fantasy", don't worry about a descriptive tag. I would only include the link to your portfolio and let them talk to you about the writing when they open up a conversation around representing your art. It's perfectly fair to ask an interested agent to take a look at your other work to make sure they are interested in representing everything you do.
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What HDW said. Good luck!
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Or to flip this around (if you've got your YA mss ready) - - you could query for your YA story, and in your BIO list your illustration background with connection to website.
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For an example of a YA writer whose drawing background helped set her apart:
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HDW's advice is good. When your novel is ready, you can query that on its own, but in the meantime, you will be more attractive as an illustration client if you are also a children's novel writer. It's similar for picture book writers -- when querying picture books, it helps to mention when you write for older children -- at least, in my experience and observation. More genres mean more possible revenue streams.
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It also depends on whether you are querying an art rep, as you mentioned, or an agent. An art rep would only represent your art so the writing side of things wouldn't apply. However, an agent would be interested in the illustrations as well as the different genres you are creating if they represent all the things you mention.
#7 - January 02, 2015, 06:44 AM
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Thanks so much for the suggestions, encouragement and advice. I agree with you, Kell, that I'll be more attractive to them with writing as an additional skill. Thanks for the link, AnnB!

I just sent my first illustration query to an agent today! (very excited)
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Good luck, DLacy!
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