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Kids and mobile: Tweets from #kss15 & YouTube's new interactive kids app

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Malik Ducard, head of Family/EDU at YouTube, gave the keynote address at the Kidscreen Summit (#kss15), during which he unveiled YouTube's new kids app, which appears to focus on storytelling and active engagement versus passive viewing.

Here's a couple of tweets that really caught my attention:

@ruralhealthgirl 75% kids from birth to age 8 have access to mobile device, 65% in low income homes. @kidscreen #kss15

@elugold "Children understand multiplatform" by Malik Ducard #kidscreensummit

Yet the kidlit industry is still operating under the assumption that kids don't have access and publishing in general does not appear to have a clear mobile strategy (and by mobile strategy I mean content, not direct-to-consumer marketing).

Once again I am left to wonder if kidlit writers will be forced to go to through other entertainment platforms to launch truly multiplatform storyworlds. Not that I've figured out how to do that yet.  :eh2  :grin3

 :wow ETA: @TimbuktuMag While youtube sees general engagement rate growing 50% every year, engagement for family content is growing at 200% #kidscreen

This should end the access debate, ETA: There are more families with smartphones than toilets or running water. By Randi Zuckerberg #kidscreensummit
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