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I Wrote a Hundred Words Today

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No, this isn't designed to compete with I Wrote a Thousand Words Today. I just felt a need to confess my paltry literary production of late, and see whether anyone else is in the same boat.

I've often seen the advice, "Finish the first draft!" and for my current novel, I took it to heart. I finished the first draft of the book—well, 90 per cent of it. I skipped passages that were giving me fits and decided to go back and do them later, rather than let them slow my first draft progress too much.

I'm glad I did that, because I "finished" the draft. Now, however, I have all these problematic places to finish, and they are slow going. Very tough, but very important.

So now I'm only able to brag, "I wrote a hundred words today." Well, actually, it's closer to 150-200 most days. But takes as much effort, if not more, than writing 1000 words does in the fast-flowing places.

Can anyone relate to this?

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Lol. Yes. I tried pushing ahead, too, and while I have enough words, the thing has derailed and I have to figure out how, and well, probably rewrite whole swathes. But I'm having a really hard time seeing what I need to do, so yes, I'm in the whee! 100 words! camp.  :sigh
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I wrote zero words, so you beat me! All writing moves you forward.

And for those of us who write PBs, 100 words is a far better goal than 1000! Any PB writer who writes a thousand words a day in getting himself into trouble.
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