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Negotiating With a Kurdish Publisher in Sweden

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Greetings! I'm a US Citizen and a first-time author. I live between Boston, Massachusetts and Basel, Switzerland.  While I was working with Kurdish refugees in the aftermath of the first Gulf War, I heard a number of Kurdish myths for the first time. My manuscript is a positive, modern re-telling of one of these myths.
A leading Kurdish publishing house headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden has expressed interest in translating and publishing my manuscript in 3 Kurdish dialects - Kurmanji, Sorani and Zazaki – as well as Swedish and English. We are working with a young Belgian illustrator who lives in Turkey.
Nearly three years ago, I registered the original (English) version of the manuscript with the Writer's Guild of America and with the UK Copyright Service.
Having been in active dialogue with the publisher since January, I do not have a contract (this is not unusual in the field of Kurdish publishing). The publisher has been in business for 27 years and has a fine track record. Although I cannot speak Swedish (or any Kurdish dialect), I have full confidence in the publisher's abilities and I have no reason to doubt the firm's honesty.
I read the sample children's book contract on the SCBWI website and found it most informative. I believe I will need a bilingual Swedish attorney to represent my interests (I plan to seek someone through the Swedish Writer's Union), but I would also like to explore adding a US attorney to the team.
Here are my goals:
Although I would like to be paid for the the Kurmanji, Sorani and Zazaki editions of the book, I have already planned to donate 100% of my earnings to support Kurdish refugee families who are fleeing from ISIS.
I would like to be paid a reasonable sum for the Swedish version of the book.
I would like to hold back on giving Apec the rights to the English version of the book for the time being.
I would like to retain exclusive rights over electronic media, motion pictures, television, radio, lyric/dramatic rights, commerical adaptations and tie-ins in all languages.

I initially wrote directly to Sara Rutenberg of SCBWI, who suggested that I should post my question here. Any guidance or referrals this group can provide would be most appreciated! Thank you for your consideration.  -- Elizabeth
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