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Any other zine sources?

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I looked through the Grinder, it seems like I can't find any zines for children's literary, transgressive, or dark. Is this just a sub-category that doesn't sell at the moment? I don't mean dark as in dark and gritty, but dark as in intelligently written. (I've grown to semi-despise dark and gritty.)
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Dark, to me, means with themes that are extraordinarily sad or horror. Horror does sell. Dark can lack hope, and that does not sell in children's.

I'm not sure what you mean by transgressive. Perhaps just look for literary. You could do a Google search for children's magazines fiction and then look to see the type each publishes. Guidelines are on most of the websites. You could also use Evelyn's wonderful resource. It's in this thread
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I have a preference less for complete lack of hope (like Lord Of The Flies), with more of a preference toward "earn your bittersweet ending" type dark comedies. Also less horror and more psychological thriller.

I'll be sure to look through literary, thanks.
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