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Endless sequels, interconnections

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One thing I've discovered, I've kind of gotten out of the short story phase of my writing. But, I don't really seem to be in a novel phase, going by the strict term of what a novel would be.

Does anyone else write a bunch of short stories with the same main character? I seem to be in that situation, where I write a bunch of short stories, each having a self-contained plot. While technically separate stories, I end up merging them together because the main characters are not distinctly individual in and of themselves.

And yet for an individual the main character may have to many aspects to their personality.

I've been unsure what I want to write next, as I'm really wanting to go back to what I used to write, which is "early adulthood". With detail, this vaguely means something like adulthood before the main character is ready both in age and in their level of maturity. Which makes it difficult to strictly define as either MG or Adult.
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It could be you are writing episodic novels. Think of it like a TV series (Law and Order makes a good example), each episode develops the character but isn't truly connected to the next; however, the whole season or series may show a character arc. Do your stories have a through line/theme in common? If so, this isn't as unusual as you think. (Of course, I'm not coming up with a single example now. Many easy/early readers do this - Little Bear, the works of Cynthia Rylant - but no works for older readers are coming to mind. I know they exist though.)
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Yea generally I work with the nature of memory, the fragility of youth, and the nature of consensus "manufactured" reality. The primary plot being able the fragility of youth, and the subplot the nature of individualized perception.

Not in like a "look at me, look at me, this is my theme" sort of way. But just flavoring of my short stories, until the main character meet in the middle chapter of the first novelette.

The best thing about this format is that because each chapter is relatively self-contained--even if it shares the same main character, it can still be shipped to various magazines.

I'd compare it to more like Death Note or if we're going really dark Serial Experiments Lain. Where the episode is partially self-contained, but the episodes have to be watched in order to understand it.

Edit: Here is an example story I finished, where I generally don't bother naming characters, as I don't know if my stories of this length will eventually form a larger narrative.
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Write whatever you feel like writing, Sarah, don't try to force yourself into writing something because you think that's what you should be doing. "Write the book/story/etc. you want to read." And remember to enjoy and have fun with your writing, always!
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