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Is it still possible in today's day in time to invent your own science fiction sub-genre? I like to read, and also to some degree write stories that are soft in terms of architectural or military depth.

But they might focus on good attention to psychological detail. I don't mean like literary fiction, as I'm thinking of circumstances that go beyond simply good character development.

Like for example attention to detail regarding "unknown psychology."

Within the context of YA novel, though not reason it couldn't work for upper middle grade.
#1 - May 18, 2015, 01:36 PM
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Write what you want, SarahW. There's room for all kinds of books.
#2 - May 18, 2015, 02:20 PM
Learning to Swear in America (Bloomsbury, July 2016)
What Goes Up (Bloomsbury, 2017)
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Science fiction and YA are both very broad and accepting genres. I suspect there's room for all kinds of innovation.
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You can end up with something different after starting it as SF. Go for it!  :running :running
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I echo the above statements. When I started writing my series I just thought of it as Sci-Fi for MG. Now, I recognize that it's ... well ... Southern Sci-Fi. All my characters are from the Southeast and they talk like they are. I've never seen/read anything like that before. Most Science Fiction stories are generally Other Planet, West Coast, East Cost, Urban.

So have fun and do something new.
#5 - May 19, 2015, 03:12 AM
The Messengers - Dawn of Shadows (Searching for rep)
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