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At a conference for medievalists last weekend, I learned about Bagwyn Books ( It publishes historical fiction for readers ages 14-adult, with medieval or Renaissance topics (including historical fantasy). It's associated with, or perhaps an imprint of, ACMRS, the Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, a consortium of Arizona State Univ, U of Northern Arizona, and Univ of Arizona. ACMRS also publishes scholarly books. There's an expectation that the historical fiction be very well researched; the publisher I talked to is an esteemed scholar himself, as well as a fiction writer. He said that Bagwyn would soon be affiliated with a distributor (I think it was Ingram---can't remember for sure), now that they have enough titles coming out. Among their current authors are Sharan Newman (a medievalist who wrote a trilogy about Guenevere in the 80's, as well as the Catherine LeVendeur mystery series) and Grace Tiffany (a Shakespeare professor and author of a children's book, ARIEL, as well as the adult novel, MY FATHER HAD A DAUGHTER). There are submission details on their website. Note that they do not take simultaneous submissions.
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 :thankyou Thanks for sharing this, rab!
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Thanks for this information!  :dancer
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Barb  :owl


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Thank you, rab!  :thankyou
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Learning to Swear in America (Bloomsbury, July 2016)
What Goes Up (Bloomsbury, 2017)
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