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I reviewed nearly 400 artist portfolios from across the globe before I discovered Cara Bevan’s paintings, “Changes” and “Heart of the Symphony.” From that moment, I hoped she’d be the illustrator for my middle-grade fantasy, Dreamhaven.
Working with Cara confirmed her artistic mastery, flexible design sense and consummate professionalism. She exceeded all expectations, bringing my characters to life while maintaining commitment to detail and rapid turnarounds. And we laughed and had fun all along the way.

I have no doubt that Cara’s compelling illustrations fuel Dreamhaven’s success. Cara Bevan is an exceptional illustrator, and an author’s dream come true. I recommend her without reservation. You can reach Cara at

Tracy Tandy
— Freelance writer/editor, Author of Dreamhaven, Alphabet Dreams
#1 - September 05, 2015, 07:40 PM


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