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Formating Pictorial Actions

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Hi, I'm in the process of writing my first manuscript and of course I want to make it as professional and strong as possible.  I've been reading about how to submit picture book manuscripts and there is one question I can't find a good answer to. 

First I want to say that I graduated with a degree in Illustration and plan on being the illustrator for the book.  There are certain aspects of the story that can only be told with the picture and has no text involved.  I don't know how I'm supposed to format that within the manuscript.  Do I put that section in parantheses? Italics? I know typically you're not supposed to write pictorial aspects within the manuscript because that is for the art director and illustrator to have say in.  But like I already said I plan on being the illustrator and find it important to explain what is happening or else the agent or editor will be confused.  I have created a full dummy, but some of the agents I want to submit to aren't asking for a dummy.

Thank you for any help on this topic, I greatly appreciate it.
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I usually use the words "Illo notes" and put them in both brackets and italics, but I've seen other manuscripts from published writers do it slightly differently. But this way has worked for my agent and editor, although my agent likes "Illo suggestion" instead of "notes" because she's so polite, and editor puts the words "Illo notes" in red, but I would leave it black and white when submitting.
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What a great question, Crystal! Thank you for starting this thread! :)
And thank you for answering it, Kell! :)
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