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Notice!  Verla Kay's Blueboard has moved! It is now the official message board for SCBWI, the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. The board is the same in most ways, but it is also different. Some things it is important for you to know before you try to access the new message board;


The basic rules of this board have not changed. Absolutely NO double posts (posting the same or nearly the same message in more than one place on the board), NO flaming or otherwise talking bad to or about another person, NO swearing, NO politics and NO religious discussions are allowed on the board. Period. On the Blueboard, people "Play nice" or they go elsewhere to play.

2) If you are a current member of SCBWI and you HAVE NEVER BEEN a registered member of the Blueboard,  you MUST NOT REGISTER for the new message board. Your registration will be automatically deleted and will NOT go through.

   ?   Just go to SCBWI's main website page and login as usual.

   ?   Click on the Resource Library>SCBWI's Blueboard link.

   ?   Then: Click Here for SCBWI's Blueboard.

   ?   You will immediately be registered on the message board. Your email and password will be the same as they are to login to SCBWI's site.

   ?   You should be able to see many SCBWI Only boards, as well as the complete registered members areas of the Blueboard.

   ?   NOTE:  If you see just ONE "SCBWI Only" board, then you need assistance from SCBWI or one of the Administrators of the Blueboard.

   ?   Ask for help on the board.

3) If you are a current member of SCBWI and HAVE BEEN or CURRENTLY ARE a registered member of the Blueboard, it is IMPERATIVE that your SCBWI email, logon name and password are exactly the same as your Blueboard email, login and password. If they are not, you will either experience difficulty in logging onto the Blueboard or you will find yourself with a different Blueboard profile when you get onto the board.  You may also discover that you can only see ONE of the SCBWI Only boards, instead of all of them. All of these difficulties should disappear as soon as you have changed your profiles in SCBWI and/or the Blueboard so they match.

Once you have your profiles identical in both places, follow the bold instructions above for logging onto SCBWI's site and then the Blueboard.

4) If you are a registered member of the Blueboard and you have never been a member of SCBWI, you should be able to log onto this board as usual. All of your previous boards should be available to you. The main differences are:

   ?   The board is now located on SCBWI's website, and you will notice their header above the board.
   ?   You will not be able to see the newly added SCBWI Only boards.

Be sure to bookmark this Blueboard's new location so you won't have to wait for the "forwarding order" to take you to it from Verla Kay's website.

5) If you have never been a member of the Blueboard, (or if you are an expired member) AND you have never been a member of SCBWI, Just register for the message board by filling out an application for the Blueboard. Please note that it could take up a week for your application to be approved. You can speed things up if you put URL's and on-line links into your application that will let the Administrators know you are a legitimate person with an honest reason to want to be a part of this writing and illustrating for children community.

OTHER INFORMATION: (Some duplicates what is above.)

WARNING! Do NOT register for this message board if you are a current member of SCBWI. You will be automatically registered through SCBWI's website. If you do try to register, your application will need to be deleted to avoid you having duplicate profiles, which would cause many problems using the message board! All SCBWI Members have to do is sign on to SCBWI's site and click on Resource Library>SCBWI Blueboard Discussion Board>"Click Here for the SCBWI Blueboard." They will be taken to the Blueboard and will have a profile already created for them. They will be enrolled automatically in the SCBWI member group and will be able to see the SCBWI Only areas of the board.

If you are NOT a current SCBWI Member, then use the following instructions to submit an application to join this message board.

Please Note: The main reasons people are not approved for this message board are because the applicants are either known spammers or they are apparently people who only want to get onto the board to promote themselves, their services or their books. This board is a community for sharing writing and illustrating ideas, techniques and information, it is NOT an advertising/promoting venue. Only verified SCBWI members and established board members who have previously contributed substantially to the message board community are allowed to promote their books or services on this board.

People may not register for anyone but themselves.

Please do not register for a second account if you are already a member of this board. This is to prevent trolling and other internet misbehavior, which is against the spirit of community on this Board. Keep in mind that the Administrators can see identities, and double registrations will be found and deleted without further notice.

NOTE:  Remember, SCBWI members only need to log onto the SCBWI website to be able to access the message board, including all of the SCBWI Only areas of the board.

If you are not a member of SCBWI or this message board and would like to join the message board so you can access more boards that are available only to registered members, here are the instructions.

Click on the Register button and fill out your profile with the requested information. Be sure to include the following:

     1) Your year of birth. You must be at least 18 years of age to join this board. Due to legal reasons, age limit is strictly enforced, and yes, we will check. If a registered member is found to be underage, instant deletion & possible ban will ensue.

     2) List your website or other on-line sources where the Administrators of this message board can find out more about you and what kind of person you are. This information is necessary to weed out spammers. If you don't have a website, your on-line source can be a blog, another message board where you regularly post, a FaceBook, Twitter, or LiveJournal account or any place on the web where the Administrators can go to verify that you are a legitimate person who is interested in children's literature.

     3)  Tell us a little about yourself -- are you a teacher, librarian, writer, illustrator, editor or agent? Do you have a passion for children's literature? Why would you be a good addition to this message board's family? (And this message board IS a family. It's filled with people who all love children's literature.)

     4)  List the user name you want in your account, the password and email you want to use on this board.  NOTE:If you belong to SCBWI and are creating a profile, your email MUST MATCH the email you use to login to SCBWI's website.

NOTE:  Anyone not giving all of the above 4 categories of information in their registration request may have their registration request deleted without notice.

There are only a few Administrators for this board and it takes a lot of time to Google and research each person who wishes to join the board. Giving the information requested above in your registration request email will expedite the activation process substantially.  It can take up to a week to be approved if requested information cannot be verified by the Administrators.

Be sure to add us to your approved email list if you email us requesting to be registered. If we are blocked from your email account, you may never receive activation info needed to sign onto the board.

Once you have been approved, you should receive an acceptance email from this message board. You may need to activate your account. Be sure to check your spam filter folder if you don't see your activation email! Once you have been accepted AND HAVE ACTIVATED YOUR ACCOUNT IF REQUESTED you may then log onto the board and begin posting.  NOTE:  Unless you are an SCBWI member, you must log in at least once in every 90 days to stay a member of this board. Regular elimination of inactive members takes place every few months and logging in at least once every 90 days (even if you don't post anything) will keep you active and your membership account will not be deleted.
NOTE:  This FAQ section of the board is locked, so you can't post messages here. If you have been waiting over two weeks and have not received your approval letter email an Administrator at Please provide the email addy you used for registration and your user name. An Administrator will help you as soon as possible.
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