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High Contrast

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Has anyone else here experimented with this?

I have kind of a mixed love for radically different time periods within a piece. in my older work it was more pronounced: medieval fantasy mixed with near future cyberpunk.

Though now it's more like if I had two different character that are friends, but one lives in the 19th century and the other lives in the late 23rd century. So you might have self-aware narrative that has comparisons between bullet trains and steam locomotives, not by an historian but rather by experiencing the contrast through technological dissonance.

My characters generally tend to be outcasts in any particular time period. I'm basically doing the same thing I used to, just the different time periods are closer together than they used to be.

Are there any good kid lit examples that do this? Besides the obvious: Kid In King Arthurs Court. Though I've never seen a dystopian/cyberpunk version of this. But they were a big influence.

I want to read stories that amplify the horror of such cultural/cognitive dissonance, and less the adventure.

I used Kid In King Arthurs Court as an example, though I prefer darker depictions.
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