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Line editing online courses/'Before You Hit Send' by Angela James

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Has anyone taken this editing course?
It's held online & offers 'Concrete ideas, tips, tricks and lessons for polishing and self-editing your manuscript.' I'm sure it's good, as Angela has a lot of experience - what I'd like to know is what level of editing the course covers.

I'm searching for a course to help me with line-editing, sentence level stuff - not story revision, & not grammar. I'm happy with the plot, characters, & scenes in my manuscript (Holly Lisle's How to Revise Your Novel helped with that), but the pages still seem flat.

I'm working at strengthening the verbs, the sentence structure, passive sentences, that kind of stuff, which is a hard slog & any courses or cameradarie to help me through would be wonderful! Many of the resources I've found only cover the big picture stuff, not the sentence level work.

If anyone's taken this, (or has any other recommendations?), I'd love to hear from you!  :cheesy
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