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Scanner Issues?

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Someone earlier mentioned something about not taking originals. Luckily in my situation I have most of my years of illustrations backed up both on flash drives and my computer. But what should I do if I can't seem to use my scanner? I recently switched to a different operating system, so it will be hard to find a compatible scanner.

Which means either sending originals, or finding a library (in the north west) to print off copies. Do libraries usually allow access to print copies by non employees? If so how much is the cost generally?

I guess I could find a tablet, but I prefer to draw traditionally. It's just not really the same trying to use Gimp to simulate burnt cedar.
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Do you have a scanner you used previously? Could you see if you can download drivers for that scanner on your new computer? If not you could Google scanners compatible with your current OS.

If not i think copy places or professional printers would scan work for a fee. If you have a good camera and know a bit about photography you could photograph your work, but it's hard to get good photos if you don't know photography.

Not sure about the library, I think services vary, but you could see if that's something your local one offers.
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The download that Artemesia suggested is probably one of the best options. Photographing your work is a specialty unto its' own.

I've used scanning services before, and because I work larger, it's costly. Plus, when I used some companies, they would scan on the incorrect setting and I'd come all the way home with my flash drive only to find a very pixelated image. (We live out in the country-ish). There is a blue print company about 18 miles away that does scans, but refuses to use higher dpi stating that their scanners pick up everything at 300. It was a matter of opinion as details were lost and I paid a lot for their services. When scanning a full dummy was considered, that's a lot of images to pay for, travel back and forth, and haggle over re-scanning because of what I'd mentioned earlier.  :gaah

All that to say, it's best to have the resources at your fingertips so you can re-do the scan if needed. The other option with the library may be doable for the time being.
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SarahW, The 3 biggest operating systems is Windows, OS X and Linux. Windows has drivers for about 97% of scanners, while OS X has drivers for about 70% of them. Linux can pick up most scanners. Have you look at your scanner's web site to see if they support your new OS?
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