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International/Translators' Social at Winter Conference 2016

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All translators who attend this year's SCBWI Winter Conference (Feb. 12-14, 2016, in New York City) are invited to the International/Translators' Social on Saturday night, February 13, after the Gala Dinner.

The International/Translators' Social is a time to meet colleagues both in translation and in SCBWI's International regions. You need not be from an International region to attend. This year's social promises to highlight opportunities valuable to translators, such as SCBWI presence at the 2016 Bologna Book Fair.

Translator Misa Lindberg (SCBWI Japan and New England) will serve as Translator point person at the Social. When you go, be sure to look for Misa!

Best wishes to all preparing for Winter Conference 2016!

Avery Fischer Udagawa
SCBWI International Translator Coordinator
SCBWI Japan Translator Coordinator
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