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Any specific spec set?

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I had previously written Uploaded Fairy, although my writing has diverged in a bit of a different direction now. These days to I tend to be referred to more as "highly personal" and stream of conscious.

I didn't put this question in Historical for one main thing, I don't tend to work with any specific era, rather the work has "high contrast". The work is at once high technology in the twenty first century, but also with some of the technological and social aspect of the 19th century. It isn't really cyberpunk or even steampunk, as often Cyberpunk and Steampunk coexist in a way where it depends on where you live.

In my latest published story, I did Duality Of Centuries which is a partially autobiographical take on living in the twenty first century, and a thesis on what it would be like to "get a taste" for the past by walking just down the road into the "Bleedthrough Districts."

Would this be something that could have legs? I tried submitting to different places, but the general answer seems to be the same. To personal, to much like stream of conciousness.
#1 - April 25, 2016, 07:59 PM

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Hi Sarah,

I'm having trouble figuring out what your question is -- do you have a novel that is alternate history? Or are you just wondering how to query it, i.e. what genre to call it?

Maybe you could post a short blurb/pitch to give us an idea of what the book is about if you want to know if it is something marketable?
#2 - April 26, 2016, 07:18 PM
BLACKOUT -- available now
DESERTED -- available now
SISTERS DON'T TELL -- available now

For now the book is as follows:

Alicia, Saline, and Lenette meet in a group shelter, and an initial territorial dispute escelates into a two girl search party. Here they get lost in the bleed through districts searching for their friend.

I wouldnt call it alternate history myself. Its generally set in the future and history remains the same, the only difference is you can walk to earlier time periods by natural time travel through time zoning.

I think I'll finish it first. Then maybe do a crit request.^_^

Think if Paris was partially in the 18th century, and partly in the 21st. Just down the block are people executed in the reign of terror. But go down another block and man has built their first deep space ship. All based around what physical time displacency you live in.

And so those living between blocks get to see history unfold in real time.

I call it the Duality Of Centuries.
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Oh cool! I would probably just pitch it as a time travel fantasy myself.
#4 - April 27, 2016, 05:08 PM
BLACKOUT -- available now
DESERTED -- available now
SISTERS DON'T TELL -- available now

Unfortunately a little short to pitch for now. (Just over 10,000 words making series tota 32,000 words.)
#5 - April 29, 2016, 08:15 PM

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Hey, I just an open call for Lerner middle-grade. The editor likes those mixes -- when it's finished, try there.
#6 - April 30, 2016, 06:27 AM
Kell Andrews
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THE BOOK DRAGON, Sterling, October 2, 2018

Is even self-pub ok on the list. Biggest is first print is gone, and is absorbed into the NA MG cross over Uploaded Fairy.

Clocktime and Vella diferent percentages of world wide tulpa of various percentages.

By cross over I mean it deals with this contradictory existential crisis of adulthood (first rent), but also explores crisis of heroism as a young person (such as early respomcibility.)

If more I'll offer more if asked.

Nadine wants acceptance and family. But the world is paved by false promises. Vella doesnt want to be a hero.
#7 - May 02, 2016, 08:23 PM
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