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Twitter's live feed function gone?

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With Twitter's latest changes, I can't figure out how to go to "live", that is how to see everything by way of what is posted in the feed timewise. They have "who to follow" box after five or so posts, then it skips several days. I can't see an x out of the "who to follow" box  that's stuck in the middle of the timeline. Anyone else have the same problem and figured out the new way of hitting x and getting to the live feed?
#1 - May 07, 2016, 06:59 AM

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Dionna, you're SUPPOSED to be able to fix it by going to your account/settings/content and unchecking the "Show best posts first" box. However, I just looked at my timeline and it was definitely not chronological.

So I adjusted the settings again: checked the box, unchecked it, and saved the settings, and now posts are coming in real time again.

Maybe it always looks like that; I usually use Hootsuite or lists I've created rather than the actual timeline.

eta: These directions are for a laptop. Tablet/phone adjustments might vary.
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