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Ever since I graduated from Highschool, I have had a deep appreciation for the classics. Not the Victorian variety of classics though, but rather the Greek and Roman authors of antiquity.  Reading the classics eventually led me to that great Roman philosopher: Lucius Annaeus Seneca.  But more particularly to Robin Campbell's translation of some 40+ letters of Seneca.  I loved that book, or Letters from a Stoic, so much that I was totally let down when I found out that Mr. Campbell was not going to translate anymore of Seneca's writings.  His was the only translation that I loved; his the only translation that I cherished. So once upon a time I decided to try to imitate him.  But I soon learned, after writing several fictional letters, that my task was an impossible one to achieve.  However, as I continued to write my letters and journal notes, a story began to unfold that became somewhat interesting to me.  I thought it became quite a yarn when taken as a whole. Although I have always had bad grammar skills that didn't matter to me.  What mattered to me was that I was inspired by two men to write. By two men that had a passion for antiquity. Two men who I will never meet in person and know their true characters, but who I admire nonetheless. 
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