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I just sent out my first big batch of self-promo postcards and wanted to do a co-ordinating email blast for the publishers that only accept email submissions.

If you send out email self-promos, how do you go about it?

I had planned on using MailChimp (I've used it in the past for club newsletters), but MailChimp apparently doesn't really work with yahoo mail accounts, and says that gmail will soon have issues too. (anti-spamming policies from yahoo & gmail). I have a free website with no linked email address. I would like to switch over to Squarespace but it's not in the budget at this point. I think have an email address with my ISP provider but I don't use it because I tend to move every couple of years and don't want to have to change email addresses the way I change mailing addresses.
#1 - June 20, 2016, 10:39 AM
PIRATE YEAR ROUND (Acorn Press, 2019)


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