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November 2014

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by Verla Kay

In this issue, “All Aboard the Blueboard,” takes you behind the scenes of the evolution of the board and it will also show you how to collapse the message board so you only see those portions that are relevant to your needs – making the message board much faster and easier to read. 

Essential Reminder:

Make sure you read the Rules of the Board before you post!
Board Rules:

What IS the Blueboard?

The message board was created by Verla Kay in 2003, to give her (and her peers) a safe and friendly place to share kidlit writing and illustrating information on the internet. It has grown into an incredible resource helping thousands of writers all over the globe. One of its main strengths has been the faithful and loyal band of 15 Moderators and 7 Administrators who lovingly care for the board on a daily basis. It was acquired (along with Verla Kay and her loyal helpers) by SCBWI in October of 2012.

History of the Blueboard: 

It started with 100 people and now has over 4500 active members! Here’s how it was created: - msg836561

Timesaver Tip:

Collapse the board making it smaller by clicking on the minus sign (-) in any blue category name (just to the right of Unread Posts). Poof! The name of the category is still there, but now no boards are showing. You can bring collapsed boards back at any time by clicking on the plus (+) sign.

If you are new to the Blueboard:

SCBWI members are already registered on the Blueboard. Log onto the Blueboard using your SCBWI email (this is your user name) and SCBWI password to automatically create your profile.


Blueboard problems?
Send Verla Kay a message.

Until next time, happy posting, Everyone.

Bio:  Verla Kay is the author of historical picture books in rhyme. She is the original creator of the Blueboard, a former instructor for the Institute of Children’s Literature and she loves traveling and presenting to both adults and children. Visit her online at
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Verla Kay

Blueboard Problems? Use the Contact A Moderator link in the menu at the top of the message board.


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