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March 2015

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by Verla Kay

Happy New Year from the Blueboard! Today's article explains why some of the Blueboard is no longer blue and gives you more helpful timesaver tips.

Essential Reminder:

Make sure you read the Rules of the Board before you post!
Board Rules:

Blueboard Levels Now Have Colors:

1)   All boards in the open area of the Blueboard are still blue.  Since ANYONE on the internet can see these boards, make sure you want the entire world to see what you post on a blue-colored board.
2)   The SCBWI Members Only area is now green. This is your private area -- just for SCBWI members. Post on green boards when you want your message to be seen ONLY by SCBWI members.
3)   Some RAs have requested regional boards. Blue regional boards are open to everyone on the internet, whether or not they are SCBWI members. Green regional boards can be seen by all SCBWI members but only SCBWI members.

Now, just by looking at the color of the board you are on, you will know instantly who will be able to see your post – everyone or just SCBWI members.

Timesaver Tips:

1)   Click on the world globe under any person's avatar on the Blueboard to go immediately to their personal website.
2)   To turn off Smileys – Click on: Profile>Modify Profile>Look & Layout>Current Smiley Set. Change to>No Smileys. Click CHANGE PROFILE in the lower right corner to SAVE your profile changes.

If you are new to the Blueboard:

SCBWI members are already registered on the Blueboard. Log onto the Blueboard using your SCBWI email (this is your user name) and SCBWI password to automatically create your profile.


Blueboard problems?
Send Verla Kay a trouble ticket:

I hope to see you soon on the Blueboard!

Bio:  Verla Kay is the author of historical picture books in rhyme. She is the original creator of the Blueboard, a former instructor for the Institute of Children’s Literature and she loves traveling and presenting to both adults and children. Visit her online at
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Verla Kay

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