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June 2015

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by Verla Kay

This article will introduce you to the new Diversity boards, help you find on-line critique partners and show you how to quickly locate the newest messages on the Blueboard. 

Essential Reminder:

Make sure you read the Rules of the Board before you post!
Board Rules:

How to find critique partners:

The Blueboard is open to anyone interested in writing and/or illustrating for children – people are from all over the world, with all levels of expertise and experience. SCBWI members looking for critique partners can:

1)   Post in the open area of the board in Query & Critique Requests:
2)   Use the SCBWI Only area, posting a manuscript on the Manuscript Critiques board:
3)   Ask to join a group on the Critique Groups (SCBWI members only) board:

What’s New on the Blueboard:

A new section – Diversity in Children's Books – has recently been added to the Blueboard. This new section provides a safe, welcoming place for members to discuss how to bring more diversity into children’s fiction and the challenges that might be faced while creating these important, much needed stories.

Timesaver Tips:

Under your name in the top left corner of the Blueboard are two links:
1) Show unread posts since last visit
2) Show new replies to your posts

Clicking on choice #2 gives a list of all responses on the board only to posts you have made.

Choice #1 shows a list of all new posts since the last time you visited the board.

To see ALL unread posts on the board, click All Unread Topics in the bottom right-hand corner of the list. The first time this will bring up 350+ PAGES of messages!

Click Mark All Messages Read to clear the list. Next time you visit the board, you will have a much smaller number of unread messages!

If you are new to the Blueboard:

SCBWI members are already registered on the Blueboard. Log onto the Blueboard using your SCBWI email (this is your user name) and SCBWI password to automatically create your profile.


Blueboard problems?
Send Verla Kay a trouble ticket:

Until next time, happy posting, Everyone.

Bio:  Verla Kay is the author of historical picture books in rhyme. She is the original creator of the Blueboard, a former instructor for the Institute of Children’s Literature and she loves traveling and presenting to both adults and children. Visit her online at

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