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September 2015

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by Verla Kay

Welcome to the Blueboard! Today's article introduces a new Blueboard feature for SCBWI members only – Social Groups. It's the easiest and safest place on the internet to create and participate in online critique groups.

What are Social Groups?

Social groups is a totally secure place added to the Blueboard where SCBWI members may quickly and easily create and participate in online critique groups. NO ONE can see posts made to your group except the people in your group. Even Administrators of the Blueboard are blocked from seeing posts in your groups unless they are a member of it. Any SCBWI member who is logged onto the message board can create a private group at any time for any purpose.

How to Create a Social Group:

1)   Click on Social Groups in the menu at the top of the Blueboard.
2)   Click on Add Group in the submenu.
3)   Give your group a name.
4)   Add a description of your group (critique group for illustrators, YA novelists, etc.)
5)   Choose the type of group you wish to have – Public or Requestable.
a.   Public means any SCBWI member can join without restrictions.
b.   Requestable is the most secure kind of group and it's recommended for critique groups. You will get an email allowing you to accept or deny membership in your group to anyone wanting to join it. It's your decision to accept or deny requests.
6)   Upload whatever image you wish to use for your group's logo.
7)   Be sure to check the Allow Upload of Files box and also the Users Must Join to See Content box. This will keep your group private and also allow your group members to upload images and manuscript files.
8 )   Click the Add Group button at the bottom of the screen.

It's that easy! You just created your own group on the board and you are now ready to let your SCBWI buddies join your critique group.

If you are new to the Blueboard:

SCBWI members are already registered on the Blueboard. Log onto the Blueboard using your SCBWI email (this is your user name) and SCBWI password to automatically create your profile.


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Essential Reminder:

Make sure you read the Rules of the Board before you post!
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I hope to see you soon on the Blueboard!

Bio:  Verla Kay is the author of historical picture books in rhyme. She is the original creator of the Blueboard, a former instructor for the Institute of Children’s Literature and she loves traveling and presenting to both adults and children. Visit her online at

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