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June 2016

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by Verla Kay

This article will introduce you to SCBWI's new Student Members board and share information about the Blueboard Trench – a fun place to wait until things happen in the publishing industry.

Essential Reminder:

Make sure you read the Rules of the Board before you post!
Board Rules:

SCBWI Student Members:

Full-time undergrad and graduate college students have a board dedicated to their interests and concerns.

It's a place to reach out (especially) to other students and discuss issues and challenges of writing and illustrating while completing college courses. SCBWI staff will be moderating the board to answer questions and actively assist in discussions where possible. Exchange information here with other students and SCBWI members, get tips and have open discussions about college publishing concerns.

About the Blueboard Trench:

It's a well-known fact that writers and illustrators spend much of their time waiting. They wait for answers on submitted manuscripts and artwork. They wait for answers on revisions. They wait for contracts and payments to arrive. They wait for editorial feedback. They wait for reviews to come out. They wait for manuscripts to be published. They wait for darned near everything! When the waiting becomes unbearable, the Blueboard has a solution -- join the current month's Trench.
Each month there is a new name for the Trench and everyone starts all over again in it. But... what is it? It's a warm, fuzzy (and sometimes silly) board where you can commiserate and share with your peers – people from all over the world that are writing and/or illustrating for children. Some people in the Trench are SCBWI members, some are not, but everyone there is in the same place– they are waiting for something to happen!
You will find the current Trench at the top of the Milestones & Roadblocks board in the pink, "stickied" topics. It usually has the word Trench in it and the title will be something pertaining to the current month. Example: May I Get a Contract Trench?
If you are waiting – jump in and join the Trench. It's a fun place to wait

If you are new to the Blueboard:

SCBWI members are already registered on the Blueboard. Log onto the Blueboard using your SCBWI email (this is your user name) and SCBWI password to automatically create your profile.


Blueboard problems?
Contact a Moderator:

Enjoy and use the Blueboard!

Bio:  Verla Kay is the author of historical picture books in rhyme. She is the original creator of the Blueboard, a former instructor for the Institute of Children’s Literature and she loves traveling and presenting to both adults and children. Visit her online at
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Verla Kay

Blueboard Problems? Use the Contact A Moderator link in the menu at the top of the message board.


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