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Fine artist and illustrator - can my portfolio reflect both?

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Hi friends,
I'm about to attend my first SCBWI conference (regional) and I am putting together a portfolio to have on display.

As a fine artist, I have worked in a broad range of media: Everything from pastel to mixed media, and alcohol ink on plastic. I have one published book so far that I wrote and illustrated, and I just completed illustrations for the International  of Suzuki (violin) Teacher's exchange. However, my illustrating style is changing and evolving very quickly as I explore how to incorporate several of these other media that I have explored in art into my illustration work. I recently completed a couple of illustrations for competitions and I'm working on a third - one was in water-soluble graphite and one was alcohol ink on plastic.  I am also just beginning to see how I might incorporate digital programs in the process.
I know that I am new to the field, but I have a lot of years of experience as an artist, designer and writer, and I want my portfolio to express my potential.
My question is this: Do you believe that all of my work which I display has to be, per se, "Children's illustrations", or are there any instances in which showing some of my relevant fine art may apply as well? I am picturing making a portfolio that speaks more as a "story book" of my development as an illustrator via my art, and could use your thoughts!!!<3
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Hi Lisa,

The advice I have heard is that it's okay to show different styles and types of art as long as they are clearly separated and labeled so that an art director knows what they're looking at. One good way would be to have separate pages on your website for children's illustration and fine art.

Giuseppe Castellano, art director for Penguin Random House, has some really awesome advice for putting together an online portfolio on his site:

Good luck at your first conference!
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Thank you!
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