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Tips for Growing Facebook Author Pages

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I'm trying to grow my Facebook Author Page. I currently have 617 "likes" but would like to keep increasing those numbers.  What has worked for you? Is it even worth pursuing a goal of - say - 1,000 - by end of the year? My publisher seems interested in seeing it grow.  Looking forward to your collective wisdom.  :love5
#1 - January 02, 2017, 03:52 PM
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Facebook has become pretty restrictive in sharing "pages" unless you advertise.  I started my Facebook page about 5 years ago, and was stuck at 900 forever.  This last year I set a goal to reach 1000 and I did manage to by networking, doing some paid advertising through FB, probably more than I should have, and I stopped posting as much "marketing" and more feel good stories.  It is worth viewing some how to videos on youtube for successfully using FB. With the rules always changing, and FB limiting views on posts it is a tricky game.  Instagram and Twitter are good ways to work with FB also in getting more followers.  Not a professional, just my opinion and experience.  :)  Best of luck! 
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#2 - January 19, 2017, 01:33 PM
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Lori is right! Last I checked 16% of people who like your page will see a post you put up, unless it's popular and then more will see it. It's definitely geared towards making you buy ads and pay for exposure... the good news is if you do pay it's cheap and you can set the price but it kind of sucks that you have to!

I work in social media marketing so I know some on the subject. As a quick tip, native (that is things directly uploaded to Facebook) videos are great for getting more people seeing things. Facebook favours and pushes these kinds of posts above all others.

Having a schedule works well. At work I used the Pages own scheduling feature to get ahead of myself by weeks. :)
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