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Third person multiple POV for chapter book and a few other questions

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Hello my name is Laura and I am a PhD student who is working on a chapter book for a bibliotherapy project as part of my dissertation. The story is about the friendship between a child on the autism spectrum and a child newly adopted from Haiti their adaption to the "culture" of their country and school. The story is entitled "You Can't Do That in Canada" and also looks at autism as a culture of its own. Since one of the learning objectives of the novel is to teach my readers the perspectives of the two characters, I have considered alternating pov in chapters between my two main characters. It is less of a commercial book and more one designed for a classroom intervention in local schools although I do have a proposal under consideration with Jessica Kingsley which deals with therapy books of this sort. I have been attempting to write fiction for years but this is my first project I extensively researched, interviewed families, and spent two years preparing even before I got into writing it.
In addition, I am wondering about reading level for an intervention that is intended to be read aloud to students by teachers and will eventually include discussion questions. I know most of the posters on this board are commercial writers or aiming to be but am curious if anybody has any input for me for this project. I so far have a large research proposal for it and an 11,000 word draft with chapters with specific learning objectives based on the children's friendship training program at UCLA in addition to suggestions from families I interviewed.
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Hi Laura, this sounds like a great project! I don't really have an answer for you as I'm not a chapter book or early middle grade writer or an educator BUT I would recommend finding books that are already published that are similar in length and purpose to the one you are writing and try to model it after that. Another option would be to self-publish if you see this as a book for a niche market. Good luck!
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BLACKOUT -- available now
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Thank you for your response, I am thinking either an academic publisher such as Jessica Kingsley (which I have a proposal to) or self publication as this is more of a therapy/intervention than a commercial book. I have read several other books in the field and completed a critical review of other children's literature as part of my candidacy. I doubt it will be a mass market book though or one that would be of interest to traditional publishers as it is being designed for a specific purpose/intervention. I am published, but my other publications are academic journal articles and book chapters/not fiction.  I am waiting for further responses from my academic colleagues who know this field before I ask for critiques here but at a later stage that will be useful. I have been working on the project for two years with the support of my colleagues.
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