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Basic question: Do I need to write the book first?

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The children's book world is new to me. (From a writing perspective, that is. I read plenty of kidlit!) I'm slowly working on a middle grade novel, but I also have a few ideas for non-fiction middle grade books. So I'm in research mode right now. Do I write the book first, then send off a query and proposal to agents or publishers? Or do I just write a query and proposal and then write the book if it gets accepted?

I know - basic newbie question! But I keep reading differing opinions on this - so I thought I'd come to the experts! :)

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First off, I do not write non-fiction. I have heard, however, that for non-fiction you still have to write the first few chapters, and then summarize the rest. I doubt that this would hold true for your first book, though. Others who write NF would know better. Hopefully, someone will chime in soon.
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How fun to have another NF writer here. I'd say write a chapter or two, outline the rest and then think about querying. Most NF is sold on proposal.

Here's a good thread on it:

Good luck, Vijaya
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