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Over a month ago, I received The Letters of Plato in the mail.  I decided to tackle Letter 7 today but fell short at least 12 pages or more from the finish line. But while reading Letter 7, I thought to myself: how does this publishing company, First Rate Publishers, know how to keep the pages of their book in order without the aid of printed page numbers?  I know, while reading, what was the last page I read since I can vaguely remember what I've read.  Quality Control, I apprehend, does not have this advantage.  They obviously got costs down by not adding page numbers, but how do they know what page goes where? I perceive the editing to be first rate, even though it is the cheapest version of its kind from amazon.  For some strange reason, all of these cheap Greek and Roman classical translations at amazon (that are either badly edited, or are void of page numbers) are each around nine inches tall.
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