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I was looking for advice on fonts and lettering and how people go about choosing theirs! I've been asked to draw up a draft cover for a project and I'm not at all confident doing hand lettering. I usually would use sites like Font Squirrel for look up a interesting font with a project, but I'm going down a rabbit hole worrying about using is in commercial projects and licensing and all that sort of stuff. As far as I am aware they are available for commercial use but I don't really understand the legalese in the license and keep worrying about it?

Does anyone else use site like these for projects and so you know that there's no problem using them? I think I'm overthinking it a bit, but it's my first project and I was unsure.

Thank you!
#1 - July 09, 2017, 03:15 PM

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I like to use fontspace for free font downloads. They are pretty clear on which fonts are available for commercial use and what charge or copyright information may be included in the usage requirements. However, you might want to use fonts that can be purchased directly from a font foundry. is a reputable one. You purchase rights to the font and can use them commercially.

When selecting cover fonts, make sure they are strong and legible at postage stamp size. You want to make sure that title is clear and can be read on line and from 10 feet away as if someone was browsing along a bookstore shelf.
#2 - July 10, 2017, 04:17 AM
Animal Totem Mandala 2016
The Story Circle 2016 (PiƱata)
Color and Conjure 2017 (Llewellyn)

Thank you! That's really helpful! :)
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