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I am preparing to embark on my next novel, and wonder if people would like to weigh in on which of these they find the most interesting/exciting, etc.

1.   Hannah Rose Hannah: Eighteen-year-old Hannah Greenfeld is loving her last summer before university. Inexplicably, one morning, she wakes up speaking German and is able to play classical piano. She introduces herself as Rose Grunefeld, not Hannah. Over the next several weeks, Hannah vascillates between the two identities. Neither her parents, nor the doctors can explain what’s happening to Hannah. But, her classical piano playing attracts attention. Eventually, Hannah learns Rose Grunefeld was an eighteen-year-old classical pianist in Berlin, but died in Sachenhausen concentration camp. Before she died, her last great wish was to play in a concert hall. Hannah and Rose now live inside the same body/mind/spirit, but whose identity will ultimately take over?

2.   Abby’s Road: Fifty-two-year-old Abby Chalmers lives a lonely, quiet life as a teacher in a small town. One-night Abby goes missing and doesn’t return for thirty days. When she does, she has a strange metallic implant at the back of her head connected to her cerebral cortex. Abby believes she was abducted by aliens, but is terrified to tell anyone her story. But, when multiple downloads of billions of terraquads of information come flooding through the implant, Abby’s life is changed forever. The information is crucial to earth’s survival – how to get rid of greenhouse emissions, how to cure all serious diseases, and most importantly, a map to tunnels which allow for inter-planetary travel. However, each download triggers a seizure, one more dangerous than the next. Now, Abby is dying, and the doctors want to help her stop the downloads, but the government and the military have other plans. What will happen to Abby, and the transformational information she’s received?

3.   Book with no name: A twenty-five-year-old wakes up one morning on a country road, with no memory of how she came to be there, or who she is. After being taken to a nearby hospital, she comes under the care of a psychiatrist who has lost her husband and son to a terrible accident. Eventually, she is revealed to be Professor Sienna Howard, an astrophysicist who was on a team designing a multi-generational space-faring vessel. Sienna claims she believes she was attacked and left by the roadside by people who wanted to stop her work; but she has no idea what that work really was, or why she would be in danger because of it.
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The Bridge of Haunted


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