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The Presence of Character

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When you are working on a WIP how much of your character is central to your writing?
I know that my MC is important in the plot but I am beginning to think that she's a bit predictable and maybe that's not because there's nothing to learn about her.

Have you ever had that problem?
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Thundering, my plots always arise from the character. Usually in a pickle. That's the only way a story has any legs I think. As for predictability, that's tough. You want the story to follow a logical path so that it makes sense, but it also needs to surprise the reader. So you must think of a twist.

Good luck and have fun!
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Thanks, Vijaya.
I had a look over it last night and introduced a supporting character. He has brought a bit of spark into her life. Probably  a bad verb to use since the plot is centered around a dragon!
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