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Does anyone have recommendations for online PB illustration courses? Any positive or not-so positive experiences?  I've considered courses from the Children's Book Academy - I think most of them are taught by Mira Reisberg.  I'm interested in both illustrating and writing. I definitely want to learn about making a book dummy as an illustrator.  I'd love to hear what other people have done!
#1 - September 02, 2017, 06:15 PM

A friend uses Society of Visual Storytelling, which has a monthly subscription. You can browse the class offerings to see if it sounds like it meets your needs. I've heard nothing but praise.
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Hi Rachel,

Definitely check out

I have taken Arree Chung's course, Making Picture Book Stories, and it's fantastic.  The course itself is focused on making good stories, and creating a rough dummy for the purpose of story creation. So non-illustrators can use this technique to create the stories too (they just wouldn't ever show the dummy to an agent/editor).  It's a 12-week course, and most likely, you will have to work on polishing up the dummy to submit after the course is over (it's just not enough time to come out with a polished, submission-ready dummy).  In terms of illustration, my illustration skills improved immensely by taking the course simply because I also opted to join a critique group with fellow students + Arree. And as it happened, my group had all illustrators in it, and they provided wonderful tips and insight into improving the layout, angles, etc. in my illustrations.

Arree is also adding new courses taught by other published authors/illustrators. There is a course for illustrating picture books by Lori Richmond starting in January. ( It's a brand new course, so I don't have any feedback about it yet. Definitely looks promising though. I think it will focus a lot more on illustration techniques/tips than Arree's class, which is more about story structure/page turns, etc.  Later in the year, Vanessa Brantley-Newton will teach a course as well.

Arree is doing a free mini course soon that introduces his full course. See the facebook page for info on the free mini course:
#3 - September 02, 2017, 07:10 PM

I've taken Mark Mitchell's How to Be a Children's book illustrator course. Excellent course & you get regular feedback from Mark.

Arree Chung's Storyteller Academy Course is great (focus is on writing/storytelling) but Storyteller Academy is adding a course on how to illustrate children's books which I'm certain will be excellent. Arree's course had options for personal feedback as well as regular workshops & I think Lori's might have the same options.

SVS Learn has options too, not sure if they have any live courses coming up but their subscription service is great for tight budgets & you can watch all the recorded classes with that - there are lots.

Craftsy has some classes too but I haven't done any of theirs yet - they are offering free streaming tomorrow (Sept 4th) .
#4 - September 03, 2017, 03:41 PM
PIRATE YEAR ROUND (Acorn Press, 2019)

Thanks everyone! I've looked into your recommendations and they look great :)
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